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Our Services are for any victim of a violent crime!

Helping Hands

Alternatives to Violence is an important part of the Loveland and southern Larimer county community.  The services that we provide to survivors of violent crime are critical to the health of our neighborhood. We want to help you begin the healing process so that you can begin living again. Whether you are a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, primary or secondary (witness) of violence, we want to help. 


  • Our services are offered to the community free 

    • 24 hour Victim Advocates

    • Court Advocates

    • Individual and Group Therapy for Children, Adults and Adolescence

    • Case management / housing referral services (bi-lingual)

    • Referrals and resource information

    • Community education programs

Why Counseling is So Important!

Notes from ATV's Clinical Director

Survivors of domestic violence often face an uphill battle.  Female survivors may be particularly affected when they make the difficult decision to leave an abusive partner.  For women who were not allowed to work outside the home or to have any control over the family’s finances, there can be a very steep learning curve, in addition to a lack of financial resources.  To try to help survivors become financially independent, ATV’s Survivors of Domestic Violence group includes a section on financial literacy, utilizing Allstate’s Financial Empowerment curriculum.  Additionally, group members learn about domestic violence and the effects of trauma, have opportunities to work through grief and anger, and gain knowledge and skills regarding boundaries, assertiveness, and healthy relationships, all in a safe, supportive environment that facilitates positive change.  All groups are free of charge and offer free child care.

In addition to group therapy, ATV also offers longer term individual therapy free of charge for clients who prefer to work through their abuse on a deeper level, or in conjunction with attending group.  ATV’s clinical staff is comprised of Licensed Professional Counselors, Master’s level counselors, and Master’s student interns.  Our experienced clinical staff offers a variety of therapeutic techniques, including play therapy with clients as young as age four.  Additionally, we currently have a bilingual intern therapist who works with Spanish-speaking clients, as well as an intern who works in our local schools, both at the elementary and high school levels.

While ATV is very well equipped to help survivors therapeutically and from an advocacy perspective, we currently are unable to meet a dire need in our local community – being able to offer emergency shelter for women and children who are fleeing abuse and need a safe place to stay.  Although surrounding communities have safe shelters, Loveland residents often desire to stay in their own community, and may not have the transportation or financial resources to commute in order to keep their children in school, to get to work, and to access their local support systems.  Existing safe shelters are often at capacity and must turn survivors away.  Currently, ATV can assist those individuals by offering a one or two night hotel stay, and, when available, limited longer term housing in our transitional living center, yet we are missing the key link in helping survivors who are trying to flee – having a facility that can offer short term safe housing on an emergency basis.  A survivor’s basic needs for safety and shelter must be met before she can truly heal, so it is imperative that ATV meet this need in the Loveland community.

By assisting survivors in a holistic way, ATV can truly help individuals and families heal and change in a positive, lasting way.  As a member of the clinical team for the past six years, I have seen countless clients make the painful decision to flee an abusive relationship.  Many of these clients have been women with children who may go through a temporary period of reliance upon local nonprofit agencies and government assistance, but ultimately work hard to achieve financial self-sufficiency and create a safe, loving home for their children.  ATV is an integral part of that journey for many survivors who may otherwise not have the resources or support to leave.  Please consider supporting our efforts to move toward a community free from violence.

Wendy Pollock, MA, LPC

Clinical Director, ATV

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Alternatives to Violence (ATV), in collaboration with individuals and communities impacted by violence, creates safe pathways away from abusive environments through education, counseling, advocacy and shelter.

Alternatives to Violence provides services to women, men and children regardless of race, sexual orientation or legal status.

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