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Safety Planning

Important Numbers:

Police: 911
ATV: 970-669-5150
DV Hotline: 970.880-1000

Important Steps to Take

Hide copies of these documents or give them to a friend so that when you are ready to leave you will have them in a safe place.

  • Birth certificates (yours, children’s, batterer’s)
  • Social Security cards (yours, children’s, batterer’s)
  • Children's school records
  • Medical records
  • Bank books and account numbers
  • TANF/Colorado Works identification
  • Passports, legalization papers, green cards
  • Insurance policy papers and accounts
  • Lease documents and/or loan documents for cars, titles and/or pink slip, registration
  • Mortgage and/or lease paperwork
  • Important phone numbers and account numbers
  • Copies of all monthly bills (credit cards, car payments, loan payments, utility bills, phone bills, etc.)
  • Marriage license
  • Divorce or separation paperwork, custody paperwork
  • Copy of Protection Order (multiple—one in car, at home, at work, etc)
  • Copy of last tax statements (federal and state)
  • Address book
  • Limited pictures, jewelry, items of sentimental value

Takes these steps ahead of time

  • Leave extra money, car keys, clothes and documents with someone you trust, but that will not be put in danger.
  • keep change for phone calls/a cell phone with you at all times
  • open your own savings account
  • rehearse your escape route with a support person
  • review your safety plan with your children

Prepare and hide the following in a safe place:

  • Extra set of car and house keys
  • Money and food
  • Child care supplies (diapers, formula, one toy each)
  • Change of clothing for each person leaving
  • Medication
  • Cell phone/911 phone

Have important phone numbers available to your children and yourself.

I can call these friends/relatives in an emergency:

Name: _________________________ Phone: _____________________

Name: _________________________ Phone: _____________________

Neighbors that will call the police for me:

Name: _________________________ Phone: _____________________

Name: _________________________ Phone: _____________________

I can go to these places if I have to quickly:

Name: _________________________ Phone: _____________________

Address: ___________________________________________________

Name: _________________________ Phone: _____________________

Address: ___________________________________________________
or the nearest police station or public place.

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