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October 13th, 2020 by ATV Staff


Efforts of each and every kind
We seek and find in an artist's mind.
There beneath each and every step we walk
For us to gawk and talk of chalk.

Spectacle spate on slate set at our feet,
Upon concrete sidewalk, not asphalt street.
All of which is seen and heard;
I direct pen, to ink each inkling word.

Chalkers of all ages and sizes
From which and who a talent rises.
Bowed and bent 'neath sun or shade
Over pearls of pictures gladly made.

Beautiful people with beautiful purpose,
A written rhyme for each pictured surface.
With pen to play with phrases in combinations
To honor your artistic articulations.

Throng thrilled as it parades;
Oohs and ahs, administered accolades
Behold this smattering of smearing
To extol with cheering or pensive peering.

All, under this late summer sky
For to know and wonder why.
This, a needed created place.
Pictures depict each special space.

- Anonymous
(September 2020)