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Ways to Help Domestic Violence Survivors in the Workplace

June 1st, 2022 by ATV Staff
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You may or may not know when someone at work is going through an abusive situation. Companies can support employees who may be in such a situation by opening a line of communication and providing resources. Here are a few steps and policies companies can put into place to support any employee who may be in a traumatic situation.

  1. Include a domestic violence policy in the employee handbook. This should include safety plans and guidelines for taking time off to handle legal matters.
  2. Hang information cards or flyers with important numbers and information in common areas.
  3. Encourage a mentally healthy environment, meaning encourage team members to check in with one another, offer coverage if someone needs to take time off
  4. Contact Alternatives to Violence for a free company training session on how to help employees experiencing domestic violence. This also includes signs that may help identify a team member experiencing violence, like missing deadlines, changes in personality or distant feeling.
  5. Show your company’s support for domestic violence prevention with a drive to collect donations from ATV’s Wish List; offering a matching gift opportunity; volunteer day at an organization like ATV that supports domestic violence survivors or wearing purple during October Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Most importantly, we want to make sure the person is getting the help they need as soon as possible so they don’t get further immersed into an abusive situation.

If your company is interested in an education seminar, please contact our Outreach Advocate, Marigaye Barnes, at 970-669-5150.