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Domestic Violence and the BIPOC Community

July 15th, 2022 by ATV Staff

Domestic violence can happen to anyone, despite social or economic status, ethnicity, or geographic location. However, studies show that women of color experience domestic violence at a higher rate. For instance, “One report shows that Black women suffer domestic violence at a rate 35 percent higher than that of white females.” Another study shows “48 percent of Latina women reported increased violence from their partners after emigrating to the U.S.”

There are many reasons that could be contributing to this disparity. Members of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community have their own unique challenges when it comes to facing domestic violence issues and their causes.

  • Financial burdens are often associated with domestic violence. Many low-income neighborhoods have a greater minority population, so they are further prone to financial stress which can culminate into violent behavior.
  • Many underserved communities do not always have immediate access to help, like shelters, so victims hesitate to leave. Victims may also feel like they don’t have a place they trust to turn to because of past experiences with racism or other experience that prevents them from confiding in anyone.
  • Perpetrators aren’t afraid that their victims will run or report them. For many BIPOC individuals, religious or cultural beliefs prevent them from leaving their marriage or relationship, so they don’t do anything about it. They may even view a domestic violence situation as a personal situation; not one to be shared with anyone.

Nearly 44% of the clients Alternatives to Violence serves every year are black, indigenous or of color. We strive to help survivors break free from a life of abuse and work hard to find the best resources that are culturally a good fit. All communication is confidential. If you or someone you know needs help breaking free from a domestic violence situation, please call us at 970-669-5150 or text 970-669-5157. We are here for you.